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Pick up any song

You can load a song from YouTube, SoundCloud, your audio files, or simply use your device microphone

Chord recognition

Chord AI brings the latest deep learning algorithms into your phone to get you the exact chords for any song

Beat tracking

Chord AI’s beats and downbeats tracking algorithms give you the tempo and let you grasp a song structure easily by segmented it in to bars and beats

Key recognition

The key of any song is inferred accurately from the detected chords

Chord dictionary

All chord diagrams for guitar, piano or ukulele will help you quickly learn how to play a song

Real-time chord recognition

Use your device microphone to recognize what you're playing or any song you're listening

How does
it work?

Chord AI uses recent advances in AI to give you the chords of any song automatically and reliably. You won’t need anymore to look for the chords of a song on the web.

What people say

Chord AI has more than 500k users with an 4.7+/5 average rating on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

Diogenes …


There are a lot of chord recognition apps out there.
Many need a silent fast preview scan before displaying anything. But, THIS is pure, musical sorcery! Chords on the fly, damn, if I had this as a kid? I would have stuck with those piano lessons and learned to play every song I liked on the radio.
Radio, by the way, was an archaic means of distributing music to the public. Invented about the same time as the wheel. Read a book!



Best In The Store!
I’ve tried a bunch of these chord recognition apps including one from a famous musical instrument manufacturer and a free/subscription based service and this one is by far the best. The others I’ve tried had a hard time with subtle chord changes like C MAJ to C MAJ7 to C7, or from C MAJ to C MIN … that sort of thing. And for some reason a hard time getting the timing right.
This program is light years ahead of those others in both respects and I’m so happy with it I bought the advanced version after 5 minutes of using it… mostly to support the developers with future enhancements and such.
If I were given the opportunity of a wish list for this program…

  1. Show the name of the song in the main window.
  2. After selecting a song, when selecting another, remember the last screen shown in the media list.
  3. On-screen volume control slider.
  4. Selecting and recalling favorites.Anyway… this is THE best program for someone who wants to play songs in their media library.



Amazing Accurate app
Simple, intuitive and accurate!It does what it needs to do. I worked on extracting chords from a song with a friend of mine who is playing guitar for 30 years, and this app did better job than him!Gladly purchased the pro version even though I didn’t need it! It’s so good!

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