Privacy Policy


The team working on the Chord AI app is committed to privacy. Currently, the Chord AI app does not gather any user information.

# 1 ‐ App permissions

1.1 ‐ Access to microphone​
Access to your device microphone will be asked in order to perform Chord AI’s main functionality: analyzing sound to perform real-time chord recognition.

If you do not wish to grant access to the microphone, Chord AI can only be used on your on-device audio files that are not DRM-protected. In that case the recognition algorithm has directly access to the file audio data.

1.2 ‐ Media library usage​
Access to your device music library will be necessary if you want to select and play a song from your music library without leaving the app, and also be able to control the playback from within the app.

If you do not wish to grant access to your music library, you can still use the Chord AI app to perform real-time chord recognition by first selecting the song from another app (such as the Apple Music app or the Spotify app), then switching to the Chord AI app.

# 2 ‐ Payment transactions

All payments are handled by the Apple Store. We do not get any identification information about you (name, age, e-mail address…). The app knows whether or not you own a feature by asking the Apple Store.